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The 4 Best Notion Book Trackers (Have Your Own Digital Library)

Modest Mitkus
January 31, 2023

Reading has many benefits - it's a habit that everyone should want to keep. Notion Book trackers can not only help you track your reading but also motivate you to read even more. The ability to track the books you've read has a positive effect on memory as well as an appreciation for reading.

Tracking what you read is not just helpful, but also a lot of fun! Don’t believe us? Try one of these 4 Best Notion Book Trackers Templates, one of them is free.

NotionReads - The Ultimate Notion Book Trackers Template

If you want to keep your digital bookshelf organized, this Notion Book Tracker is for you. NotionReads is the ultimate Notion template to help you organize all of your bookshelves digitally.

One template to rule them all:

  • Automagically add your books. No more manual data entry. With NotionReads you have access to over 100 million titles. Add any book and all of its data to your Notion with one click.
  • Import from Goodreads in seconds. Import all of your books, reading lists, and ratings from Goodreads with the click of a button!
  • Presets & Customization. NotionReads looks and works great out of the box, but you can simply customize it to your liking with all of the tools that Notion has to offer.
  • Organize notes & highlights. NotionReads comes with a built-in note-taking feature. Save highlights, notes, quotes, and more and easily find them later.
  • Track your reading goals. With the built-in progress tracker, you can track your reading goals and stay motivated.

Template available here

Free Notion Book Tracker

If you've never tried to track your reading with Notion, know that you can try this Notion Book Tracker completely free. It has a simple and minimalistic design and can help you track your books and quotes all in one place.

Organize books by genre, and store your book quotes. Read more books by having an effective, motivating book tracking system. This is a free Notion Book Tracker.

What's inside:
- System to track your books
- Track your books
- Manage your books by genres
- Manage your book quotes

Template available here

The Library - Notion Book Tracker

The ultimate place for all your books! In this Notion Book Tracker, you can write down highlights, quotes, and notes for each book you read. From now on, don’t miss a single day without reading!

Inside this Notion Book Tracker you'll find:

  • Template to add new books.
  • Overview ( See all your books on the front page).
  • Button widget to top-rated books websites (Goodreads, Readwise, Shortform)
  • Quick navigation bar.
  • Reading this month ( Show the books that you are reading).
  • Dynamic quotes ( Displays a different quote of your choice each day of the year).
  • Monthly and yearly reading objectives.

Template available here

Dark Academia Library - Notion Template

"Reading books by candlelight, writing poetry down on a little notepad, and enjoying the sound of the rain during a study afternoon..."

This Notion Book Tracker serves to organize and increase your reading productivity. Inspired by the Dark Academy Aesthetic. You can feel like you are part of a secret book club while using this one. Created for students, literature lovers, and anyone who wants to get back into the habit of reading.

What can you expect:

  • All your favorite books in one place
  • Organize your books by a genre
  • See how many books you've read this year
  • Write about the authors you're reading
  • All your quotes in one place
  • Be notified of the last updates by email

Template available here

Do you know of any other Notion Book Trackers that you would like to recommend for others? Share them with us!