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6 Best Notion Mood Trackers and Journals for Mental Health

Modest Mitkus
January 31, 2023

Taking care of your mental well-being can be as simple as tracking your moods. Keeping a day-to-day account of feelings, moods, and symptoms can do wonders for self-awareness & is a great way to track how you're currently doing.

If you're looking for a Notion mood tracker, take a look! We have a collection of the best ones that will help you log and journal your feelings.

Minimal Free Notion Mood Tracker

Mental health is important! Getting help for mental health issues is not a sign of weakness or failure. But it can be hard to know when you're struggling, or what's going on in your life. One of the best things you can do for your mental health is to track your mood and find out if any patterns could signal a problem.

Track your mood daily with this Free Notion Mood Tracker Template. Keep track of the key moments that happen in the day, rate your day, and reflect on it. Get clarity on what makes you happy or sad, and increase your life quality.

This Free Notion Template contains:

  • System to track your mood
  • Track daily mood
  • Track daily moments

Template available here

Notion Mood Tracker

Notion Mood Journal with Notion Mood Tracker Inside

This Notion Mood Tracker - Journal helps you track your emotions based on your journal entries, and generate monthly emotional overviews so you can track your mood monthly. Become more self-aware by reflecting on how you are feeling and what you have been up to. Sometimes there might be a link between the two.

Template available here

Aura Gradient Notion Dashboard with Mental Wellness Hub Inside

This Notion Dashboard is tailor-made for daily life. It has everything you need to organize your tasks, thoughts, and ideas. Inside you'll find Notion habit tracker, Daily journal, Goals and milestones, Mental and physical wellness hub, Grocery, meal prep, recipe planners, Finance tracker, and more.

Template available here

Notion Mindful Journal with Notion Mood Tracker Inside

Mindful Journal - a versatile multi-page template that makes the most of journaling. Carefully-crafted journal (+100 hours) with mindfulness and mental wellbeing at heart, it contains Notion Mood Tracker, Mood Meter, Mood Factor Analysis, Mood Chart, Habit Tracker, and more. This Notion Template is different from others because it also contains Mental Health Resources (CBT, Depression test, Healing toolbox)

Template available here

Notion Gratitude Journal with Notion Mood Tracker Inside

Create a safe space, for bad days, filled with things that make you smile. A journal with a difference where you control the prompts for each day, week, month & quarter. This Notion Template is filled with 70+ Self-Care tips - the best ways to keep your mental and physical health in check! Inside you'll find Notion Mood tracker as well as Sleep tracker, Visualisation worksheet, and more!

Template available here

Minimal Free Notion Daily Journal

Start writing your daily journal in Notion. Keep track of what happened or what is going to happen in your day. By the end of the day, reflect on the whole day.

Journaling daily is a great way to express yourself and document your thoughts. It also helps improve communication skills, boost creativity, and get rid of anxiety. Not only is it healthy for you and your emotions, but journaling also has other benefits such as boosting memory, increasing happiness levels, and improving focus.

This Free Notion Template contains:

  • System to start a daily journaling
  • Write daily journals
  • Manage your books by genres

Template available here

Which Notion template are you using? We hope you found one that suits your needs. Let us know which Notion templates you think others should try!