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7 Best Notion Design Packs (Improve your Notion space)

Modest Mitkus
January 31, 2023

Notion app has a beautiful black and white, minimal design. If you want, you can easily spice it up by changing text colors and adding icons and covers. Making a few small changes in your Notion space can completely change the whole vibe. These changes can make it even more enjoyable to use

We've curated a list of the best Notion Design Packs. From icons to components. If you're looking for your Notion space makeover, look no further.

You can also learn how to customize & style your content here.

420 Minimal Notion Icons + 80 Bonus Notion Covers - Notion Design Packs

Create a clean and minimalistic aesthetic for your Notion workspace with this pack of Notion icons and matching covers. 

Here are a few ways you can use this icon pack:

  • Use outlined, filled and solid icons as progress indicators for your projects.
  • Use stars to draw attention to important pages.
  • Create pro/con lists using plus and minus icons.

This pack is perfect if you're tired of using emoji and want to create a more cohesive look and feel across your Notion workspace.

Template available here

Notion Design Packs

Limitless Notion Design Packs - 75+ Notion Components

Easily create simple Landing pages, Portfolio pages or Product pages & more using Notion

Select from the 75+ components readily available for you. Just copy and paste components. Edit text. And you are done. It's that easy.

75 Prebuilt Components .We have built them all and will be continuously adding more so that you don't have to. Copy paste the components and you are ready to go. Hero / Intro Section, Features Section, Testimonials Section, Gallery Section, Team Section, Pricing Section, Blog Section, FAQ Section, Footer Section

Optimised for Notion. Works perfectly on all Notion pages. Easily editable layouts for endless combinations. Remix components and make your own style.

Fully responsive. All page components work perfectly on web, tablets and mobile devices. Basically it looks great from any device you see them from.

Template available here

Notion "Transparent" Item Covers - Notion Design Packs

Inside this Notion Design Packs, you'll find covers that'll spice up your workspace, with images that have the appearance of real notes, with pins and paper clips. Also, you'll find a Calendar items with the appearance of real calendars.

A screenshot of a workspace with these covers were published on Reddit at got almost 700 upvotes! 

Template available here

Humanotion — Free Notion Avatar Pack

Looking for a perfect avatar that would theme up with Notion? This is a free Notion Design Packs of 192 avatars and 6 colored backgrounds. 

The color choices are listed below:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink

Template available here

Limitless Notion - 120 Icons, 150 Cover Images

Customise and personalise the look of your Notion workspace with icons, dividers and cover images.

Choose from:

  • 120 icons
  • 20 dividers
  • 12 color themes
  • 150 cover images
  • 30 quote cover images

All assets optimised to match the Notion color palette. Works perfectly in light and dark mode. Unlimited combinations. Mix and match to create your aesthetic page style or workspace.

I will keep adding more icons, design elements and covers. So you get lifetime updates. Once purchased, you will get email updates for new additions.

Template available here

The Ultimate Notion Icon Pack (50,000+ Icons)

If you’ve ever spent 15 minutes or more looking for the perfect icon for a new Notion page, this is for you.

The Ultimate Notion Icon Pack is a group of 52,000+ icons based on Notion’s own color palette. Rest assured you’ll find every icon you could ever need.

High Quality PNGs that are enhanced for display on Notion and load instantly. All icons are tagged by name and topic for quick and easy search.

Template available here

Notion Cover Template

Create Safe Notion cover for you Notion Page with This template

Want to create custom notion avatars but don't know design softwares, no issues. This template is available in 

  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote

Template available here

What are your thoughts on the Notion Design Packs? Do you know of any additional templates that you would like to recommend to others? Share them with us!