8 Best Notion Templates for Social Media Managers

September 21, 2022
by: Modest Mitkus

Notion is a wonderful tool for social media managers. You can create and plan your social media posts inside it, and with a help of already-made Notion templates for social media managers, you can do even more.

We’ve curated a list of the best Notion templates for social media managers. Choose one of them and scale your game. 

Social Media Kit - Notion templates for social media managers

The easiest way to plan and grow your social media channels. Inside this Notion Social Media Kit, you will find everything you need to grow your social media accounts. 

Have a better understanding of different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube. Learn how to create a successful social media strategy, and have a list of tools to execute it. Also, be able to have a nice and productive system to write and plan your social media content at ease. On top of that, also learn from actionable tips and other successful accounts.

This whole Notion Social Media Kit will be the one-time purchase that brings you clarity and actionable steps to your social media growth.

Template available here

Notion Freelancer Pack

The Notion Freelancer Pack is a template pack, a system that has everything you need to successfully start, run and manage your entire freelance business from one place.

It’s made for all niches of freelancers (also suitable NThe Agency Kit | Ready-to-Use Notion Templateotion templates for social media managers), who want to manage their entire freelance business from one place. When you are working on yourself, time and productivity are really important. For you to feel good and use the time in the right direction, you must have a system that helps you move forward not backward. With this pack, you can manage your entire freelance business from one place and feel in control of having the right system.

Template available here

Social Media Ads Planner

Never lose another dollar on your ad campaigns due to lack of insights. Use NotionChefs Social Media Ad Planner to plan, track and analyze profitable social media ad campaigns for you and your business.

Features of these Notion templates for social media managers: 

  • Plan your social media ad campaigns right within notion 
  • Easily update your performance metrics across all platforms 
  • Analyze and discover which ads are working for you and which ones aren't, without losing a ton of money.

Suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Template available here

The Agency Kit | Ready-to-Use Notion Template

The easiest way to manage your agency business. Organize every aspect of your business with a template created by the Co-Founder of a 6 figure agency. This kit gives you a sleek workspace built with dozens of automations to help set you up for success while managing many clients at once. 

What's Included:

  • Intuitive home dashboard
  • Sales CRM
  • Project manager
  • Finance tracker
  • Outreach & contact management
  • And more

Template available here

CREATOR OS (Notion Dashboard)

One dashboard for work and play. Suitable Notion Templates for Social Media managers. A personalized system to master your 360˚ creative life. Manage your momentum, fuel your projects and find clarity in your personal life. CREATOR OS has 3 main sections amongst countless synced components:

  • .momentum keeps you on top of all your goals.
  • .projects structure your work and ambitions.
  • .me points your compass in the right direction.

Who is CREATOR OS for? It's built as a system that optimizes for maximum output. I myself use it as a product builder running multiple projects/websites at the same time. Projects can be anything like Instagrams, Professional Brands, Businesses etc.

Template available here

Notion Portfolio Template – Notion Templates for Social Media Managers

Build better portfolios with ready-made templates and learn how to keep them updated through an email course.

What do you get?

  • 2 Cover Images
  • 4 Profile Images
  • 4 Persona Images
  • 4 Project Thumbnails
  • 4 Week Email Course

Template available here

Master Swipe File - Notion templates for Social Media managers who need inspiration

If you're a creator of some kind, you know how important inspiration is. It's the primary ingredient in your masterpiece's recipe. Inspiration has a tendency to be missing when you need it the most. Still, some things can get you inspired.

The color in a painting. A clever hook in an email. The format of a sales page.

They create sparks of ideas that strings and mix together to create… good stuff.

A Swipe File is a collection of sparks. And these Notion templates for Social Media Managers is going to make creating your own swipe file easy.

Template available here

Notion CRM

Have your own CRM in Notion. This template includes Pipeline, Projects Management, Tasks Management, and a Project Calendar. 

Template available here

What are your thoughts on the Notion Templates for Social Media Managers? Do you know of any additional templates that you would like to recommend to others? Share them with us!

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