The Best 15 Notion Daily Planner Templates

Modest Mitkus
December 14, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, staying organized and maximizing productivity is a constant challenge. However, there is a simple yet effective strategy that can help you stay on top of your tasks: planning for the next day in advance.

By taking just a few moments each evening to create a plan for the following day, you set yourself up for success right from the start. And when it comes to organizing your tasks and monitoring progress seamlessly, Notion’s daily planner has got you covered.

We've handpicked the best options available for 2024. Go through the list and choose the one you like (or two).

1. Notion Daily Life Planner

If you're seeking not just a day planner, but a tool to plan your entire life, we highly recommend the Notion Ultimate Life Planner.

This comprehensive Notion system assists you in planning life and achieving goals effortlessly. As a premium Notion template, it demonstrates how powerful Notion can advance your journey towards being the best version of yourself.

Inside, you'll find more than 15 Notion templates, inclusive of a daily planner template.

Template available here

Notion Daily Life Planner

2. Free Notion Daily Planner

Get organized with the free Notion Daily Planner.

Designed with a minimalist approach, it enables you to concentrate on making the most out of your days. Have a dedicated space to write your daily tasks, goals, and also add quick notes that will be important for that particular day.

Includes 2 more templates for weekly and monthly planning on Notion.

Template available here

Free Notion Daily Planner

3. Notion Daily Planner for Free

Want to stay on top of your schedule, meals, to-dos, and daily goals with ease? Try this free Notion Daily Planner template.

Efficiently manage your schedule, plan your meals, track your to-dos, and set and achieve your daily goals, all in one convenient digital space. Making most out of your day never was easier!

Template available here

Notion Daily Planner for Free

4. Aesthetic Notion Daily Planner

Looking for the most aesthetic Notion Daily Planner available? Then this one is for you. The template is filled with light blue colors, aesthetic anime images and covers, and has Notion life bar and quotes widgets already embedded inside.

Organize your everyday life effortlessly and be inspired by its aesthetics with this daily planner.

Template available here

Aesthetic Notion Daily Planner

5. Notion Template - Daily Planner

Structure your day and improve focus with a simple yet powerful Notion template.

Enter your appointments, activities, and results for each hour period with the Daily Plan section. Also, at the end of the day, there is a space to write down what you are grateful for that day and more.

Template available here

Notion Template - Daily Planner

6. Notion Daily Focus Productivity Planner

Simple and free Notion template that will help you organize your day and feel productive again.

With this Notion Daily Planner you'll be able to improve your daily routines, eliminate your daily to-do list, make progress on your projects, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Template available here

Notion Daily Focus Productivity Planner

7. Notion Daily Planner Elevate

Elevate your daily productivity with an aesthetically pleasing Notion Daily Planner.

This all-in-one template goes beyond a simple planner. It combines the power of the P.A.R.A method, daily goals, mood trackers, habit trackers, and financial planning. Get organized with ease - manage tasks, appointments, priorities, and more.

Template available here

Notion Daily Planner Elevate

8. Beginner-Friendly Notion Daily Planner

Embark on a self-discovery journey with this stunning sky-themed Notion Daily Planner. Craft your morning, afternoon, and evening routines while being enchanted by dreamy sky covers, icons, and images that bring the template to life.

Stay organized with ease - track tasks, plan weeks and months ahead, and unlock endless possibilities.

Template available here

Beginner-Friendly Notion Daily Planner

9. Planning Dashboard

Level up your productivity with the sleek Notion Planning Dashboard.

Perfect for professionals, students, and anyone craving efficient time management. Embrace minimalism and customize it to fit your unique style - a clean canvas for your own aesthetic touch.

Template available here

Planning Dashboard

10. Notion Daily Planner for Time-Blocking

A simple and free Notion Daily Planner made for efficient time-blocking of your days. Filled with delicately hand-drawn icons, designed to bring a whole new minimal aesthetic experience.

Template available here

Notion Daily Planner for Time-Blocking

11. Daily Planner Notion Template

A minimal and aesthetically pleasing daily planner designed to assist you in choosing your everyday priorities, tracking your habits, recording your daily moods, and organizing and managing your tasks effortlessly.

Made with a pastel color palette, filled with beautiful Notion icons and visuals.

Template available here

Daily Planner Notion Template

12. Notion Daily & Monthly Planners

A minimal and simple Notion template for daily and monthly planning.

Stay organized, focused, and ridiculously productive with this minimalist Notion planner designed for both daily and monthly planning.

Template available here

Notion Daily & Monthly Planners‍

13. Day Planner: A Notion Template

Get organized, stay focused, and achieve greatness with this free, all-in-one template!

Stay organized with the to-do list feature. Prioritize health with mobile health stats. Track weight, water intake, and other vital metrics in one place. Achieve goals by tracking daily habits and building new ones with the habit tracker.

Template available here

14. Notion Time Blox

Simple, yet powerful Notion template that follows the timeboxing technique - a powerful productivity strategy that can help you make the most of every moment.

Loved by successful people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates, it will help you accomplish much more in your day.

Template available here

Notion Time Blox

15. Minimalist Daily Planner

Notion Daily Planner combines a to-do list, project management, habit tracking, mood tracking, daily reflections, and gratitude. It also generates monthly reports for you.

Perfect for Notion beginners or if you love minimalistic workspaces.

Template available here

Minimalist Daily Planner

Haven't found what you were looking for? Make sure to explore our list of 70+ Best & Free Notion Templates.

Frequently asked questions

Can Notion be used as a daily planner?

Yes, Notion can absolutely be used as a daily planner. With its flexible and customizable interface, you can create your own personalized planning system within Notion. You can set up task lists, assign due dates, schedule events

Can you use Notion for scheduling?

Yes, Notion can be used for scheduling. It offers a variety of features that allow you to organize and manage your schedule effectively.

You can create calendar views, set reminders and due dates, color-code events, and even integrate it with other tools like Google Calendar.

With its flexible layout options and customizable templates, you can tailor your schedule in Notion to suit your specific needs and preferences.

How do I create a daily timetable in Notion?

Create a daily timetable in Notion to stay organized:

  1. Open your Notion workspace and add a new page or select an existing one.
  2. Click the "+" button, choose "Table" as the block type.
  3. Customize the table columns for time slots, activities/tasks, duration, notes, etc.
  4. Fill in each row with relevant information for your schedule.
  5. Consider adding colors or icons to differentiate categories or prioritize tasks.
  6. Rearrange rows or columns by dragging and dropping.
  7. Update or mark off completed tasks in Notion to track progress and stay organized.

By following these steps, you'll effectively manage your time and boost productivity!