10+ Best Notion Weekly Planner Templates (2024)

Modest Mitkus
December 13, 2023

Want to become more productive? Begin by writing down your plans for the week and then stick to them! If you're looking for a reliable place to plan your weeks, know that there's no better option than Notion.

Stay organized and maximize productivity with Notion weekly planner templates. They will quickly become your favorite Sunday activity and will continue to empower you to stay focused throughout the week.

Check out our list for our hand-picked best options available in 2024.

1. Notion Life Planner

If you're looking not only for a place to plan your weeks but also to plan your entire life, we highly recommend getting the Notion Ultimate Life Planner.

It's a complete Notion system that will help you plan your life and achieve your goals effortlessly. As it is a premium Notion template, it will help you understand how powerful Notion can be in the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

Inside, you will find more than 15 Notion templates, as well as Notion weekly planner template.

Template available here

Notion Life Planner

2. Free Notion Weekly Planner

If you're looking for a really simple, easy-to-use, and also free option, just download this free Notion weekly planner template.

It's built in a minimalist style, allowing you to focus on what matters - planning your week. You can write your weekly tasks, goals, and also add quick notes that will be important for that particular week.

This free Notion template not only has a space for weekly planning but also includes 2 more templates for daily and monthly planning on Notion.

Template available here

Free Notion Weekly Planner

3. Weekly Planner Notion Template

Simple, yet beautiful Notion template that will help you organize and manage your time, tasks, and activities for the week ahead.

By just opening this template, you will have a high-level overview of the week. There's also a dedicated space for habits you want to maintain or develop over the course of the week and a notes section.

Template available here

Weekly Planner Notion Template

4. Weekly Career Planner + Journal

Want to focus more on your carrer in 2024? Check this Notion Weekly Planner template that offers clarity on your career vision.

Plan your week and reflect on what you want more and less of in your work, celebrate your wins, learn from your challenges, and adjust your course accordingly.

Template available here

Weekly Career Planner + Journal

5. Quick Weekly Planner Notion Template

Looking for a way to stay organized and boost your weekly productivity? This Notion weekly planner is your go-to tool.

Create daily to-do lists for efficient task management, set and track weekly objectives for focus, record thoughts, reflections, and important information for each day and much more. Effective templates structure will help you experience how streamlined weekly planning in Notion can be.

Template available here

Quick Weekly Planner Notion Template

6. Free Weekly Planner for Notion

Aesthetic Notion Weekly Planner that is built on dark mode, filled with beautiful icons, covers, and images.

Write down your weekly tasks and main priorities. Stay organized, set goals, and track progress effortlessly. Achieve more in less time with this free weekly planner.

Template available here

Free Weekly Planner for Notion

7. Dark Mode Notion Weekly Planner

Another Notion weekly planning template built on dark mode in Notion. It has a different aesthetic than the previous one, but offers the same convenient way to plan and track your weekly tasks and goals.

The Notion Calendar Widget will help you plan your weekdays while staying on track with which day is which. It also includes task prioritization.

Template available here

Dark Mode Notion Weekly Planner

8. Minimal Planner Bundle

Supercharge your productivity, boost creativity, and take control of your life with the Notion Planner Bundle. Includes daily, weekly, and monthly planners to transform how you organize your life, work, and goals.

With its minimal aesthetics, it provides an effortless and serene way to elevate your planning game.

Template available here

Minimal Planner Bundle

9.Weekly Planner | Notion Template

The Notion Weekly Planner template is a delightful combination of simplicity and cuteness. It features a charming pastel color scheme and a dreamy cloud cover that will instantly make you feel at home while organizing your personal and business life on a weekly basis.

Within the template, you'll discover dedicated spaces for daily tasks, goals, and notes, along with a handy tracker for daily habits and mood.

Template available here

Weekly Planner | Notion Template

10. Personal Notion Planner

Get ready to organize your life, one day at a time with this Personal planner. It has space not only for weekly planning, but also everything you might need on personal use - meal planning, workout planning, goal tracking, journaling, etc.

Boost your productivity, organization, and well-being as you effortlessly navigate through your plans, notes, and accomplishments with well-structured monthly and weekly views.

Template available here

Personal Notion Planner

11. Notion Planner Dashboard

Pink aesthetics Notion Weekly Planner template for a dreamer, a doer, or a creative soul. Filled with elegant widgets, icons, covers, and images, it will help you to dance through the week gracefully, staying on top of your goals.

You'll find daily, weekly, and monthly planners, habits, and tasks tracker inside.

Template available here

Notion Planner Dashboard

Looking for more Notion templates? Make sure to check our Premium Notion templates. These Notion templates are complete systems with multiple pages inside, created to 10x your productivity and organization.

Frequently asked questions

What is Notion planning?

Notion planning involves using the popular productivity and organization tool, Notion, to create and manage diverse planning systems and workflows. The best part? Numerous Notion templates are available, making it effortless to plan your day, habits, life, projects, and more.

How do I create a weekly planner in Notion?

To create a weekly Notion planner, you can follow tutorials on YouTube. However, the easiest way is to get a free or paid pre-made Notion planner template. You can find excellent options on our list.

Can you use Notion as a planner?

Yes, you can use Notion as a planner. Some benefits include:

  • Customizable templates for various planning needs
  • Easy organization and categorization of tasks
  • Seamless integration with calendars and reminders
  • Collaborative features for shared planning
  • Accessible across devices for on-the-go planning.