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Academic Cv/Resume In Notion Template

CV/Resume template for faculty/teachers
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Who am i?I am a marketer turned lecturer. I teach business management to mba and undergraduates. After spending 2 years procrastinating, i have finally started my journey as a notion creator.Who should use this cv template?If you are a teacher/lecturer who spends most of your time in class and researching, this template will save a lot of hassle.Why did i create this template?I started my notion journey in 2021 and since then i have been searching for a simple yet effective academic cv template. Finally, i decided to make my own academic cv in notion. I am sharing it with all for free.Why do you need an academic resume/cv?Highlight your teaching, research publications, and overall academic experience with a notion academic cv. How to use this template?First, you need to have an account in notion. Second, grab this template and click on duplicate.All you need to do is replace the data with your own.I look forward to hearing back from you if you have any suggestions or questions. Please rate the academic cv template and subscribe for more templates.Thank you.