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Advanced Project Manager, Task Manager, And Statistics - Daily Momentum

This heavily customized Notion template will help you manage your projects & tasks through relational databases that link to a custom statistics database. Over two years in the making, this template and dashboard includes 50+ custom formulas and 30+ views. Designed to work on mobile & desktop.
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What gets measured gets done. If you find yourself disorganized, with notes and various tasks scattered across different notebooks or apps, this dashboard—and the technology behind notion—may be the thing you’ve been looking for to get more organized and on track! Thousands of hours have gone into making this the perfect saas where you can finally manage and prioritize what you need to do.This advanced template, daily momentum, was created because i was working two jobs and freelancing on the side with two kids running around the house and very little time. Using this will change how you approach work and give you the clarity you seek.How it works: [https://youtu.be/zcfpcgo7exe](https://youtu.be/zcfpcgo7exe)⏳2 years in the making and hundreds of hours of testing (seriously!)✅ 50+ custom formulas✅ 30+ different views between projects and tasks✅ Measure open projects and tasks✅ Detailed video guide and complete faq section, including screenshots of all custom filters, sorting options, and properties✅ Direct email and private facebook group help and support