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Analysis Requests Hub

A Notion template for data analysts and teams to gather, organize, and track data incoming (often ad hoc) analysis requests
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Data teams often receive (ad-hoc) analysis requests through multiple channels. Keeping track and organizing them whilst making outputs re-usable for similar requests in the future can be challenging.With this analysis requests hub notion template, colleagues and others can input their analysis requests - whether a data point, a visualisation, or long-term-use dashboard - directly as a new request.As a data analyst or data team, you'll get an overview of incoming requests, can organize and assign them, and keep track of the task progress.What's included- A space for colleagues and others to input and monitor their (new and historic) analysis requests, incl. deadline and relevant context or desired deliverables- A request overview for the data team, incl. views on not (yet) assigned requests, by status, by due date, and requests the analyst is assigned to- An integrated task management overview for the data team (provided individual tasks are added to each request)- Step-by-step guides on how to (1) make a new request - for stakeholders - and (2) handle requests - for data analysts