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Atomic Twitter Thread Hub

A place to:workshop + build killer twitter threads. Track + measure thread progress. Review + improve thread copy.
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Here's my personal atomic thread hub:what's in here:✔️ all-in-one thread template✔️ master tracker and organizer✔️ examples to spark ideas.✔️ Complete breakdown of threads✔️ tutorial video explaining everythingif you're: ❌ wasting time writing threads only to receive 5 likes. ❌ Lost on how to start writing on twitter effectively.❌ Spending too much time researching and drafting. Then this is for you. Look...writing threads is hard.i know because i've spent weeks slaving over a thread only for it to flop on launch day. "I wish someone would make this easier.""I wish it didn't take so long."I searched every guide, every template...but not one single person on twitter had the solution to my problem. So i made my own atomic twitter thread hub. A place to:workshop + build killer threadstrack + measure thread progressreview + improve thread copythis notion template is fully customizable and ready to go. Grab it now!