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Audience Feedback For Creators

Template to create your audience feedback/ask me anything completely free using notion and tally in 4 easy steps.
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Template to create your audience feedbackAsk me anything completely free using notion and tally in 4 easy steps✲ Beautiful form powered by tally✲ Receive responses directly into your notion with advanced views and filters✲ Understand who is your audience✲ Categorize questions into topics✲ Know how your audience is loving your content✲ Handle and archive resolved queries✲ Custom domain✲ Completely free, no ongoing costIf you're building an audience, you've probably once received a lot of questions/feedback from your audience across dms, comments, and emails.Feedback is a gift and you appreciate all of them but it is impossible to read all dms/comments/emails, then organize, and resolve them yourself.Your audience sometimes don't know how to ask a good question, either.I faced this problem firsthand and created a tool to allow my audience to easily ask a meaningful question as well as to help me organize the queries.It's a combination of 2 awesome no-code tools (completely free):✲ Notion to organize, view, filter, and connect responses.✲ Tally to create beautiful forms.It's a simple tool but saved me significant time.✲ Ask me at https://ask0.phuctm97.com✲ See your response at https://www.notion.so/cce793434e34402b995cd44d6b494d45→ drop in $ if you would like to support!