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Cinematography For Notion

Template for real movie fans.
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If you love cinema the way i love it, then you will like this template.The template is suitable for those:- Who is not fan of online film bases;- Who marks watched films;- Who needs to mark the watched series of the series, so as not to forget where he stopped;- Who studies the filmography of movie stars to understand their professional growth;- Who is interested about cinematography via country filter;- Who watches film awards and film festivals;- Who cares about sorting movies by decades;- Who constantly forgets which channel or streaming service watched this or that serial;- For those who monitor the activities of film companies;- For those who don`t want to miss the premiere of the film or the new season, or know what the film award will be in the near future, or which of the movie stars have a birthday today;- Who cares about films you can watch with children and which exactly totally without them.The template is definitely not suitable:- For those who has just discovered notion.BonusCurrently, the template is filled with:- Full filmography of: angelina jolie, zendaya, dwayne johnson, heath ledger, alexander dovzhenko; - A list of ukrainian films;- Absolutely all movies and serials of universe of marvel.