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Content Creator (Notion Template)

The easiest way to manage your journey as a content creator, in Notion.
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An easy-to-use workspace for content creators ✅Easily manage every aspect of your content creation journey in one place. I've taken my 5+ years experience in managing content creators to create a one-stop-shop for you content, planning, sponsorships, goals, tasks and more. This notion template solves the issues of unorganized content planning, losing track of brand deals, difficulties managing tasks, to name a few. Enjoy an easy-to-use approach to content creation that cuts out the clutter so you can focus on building your audience.What's included:Content draft creator (with templates for instagram, youtube. Tiktok, twitter, twitch, discord and facebook)Content calendarTask managerSponsor managerCollaborator contacts listGoals & milestones trackerSections for draft, upcoming and published contentAsset libraryEfficiency automations for every page