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Craft Weekly Agenda Template

Create your weekly agenda in craft!What you'll get: easily edit online; export to anything; beautiful ready-to-use weekly agenda  template.
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Create your weekly agenda in craft!What you'll get:✅ Easily edit online✅ Export to anything✅ Beautiful ready-to-use weekly agenda template Faqs:What is a craft template? A craft template is actually a set of pre-crafted note blocks that are designed for craft. They can be used according to your needs.How to set up templates in craft? If you are familiar with notion templates, you are accustomed to duplicating templates in your notion workspaces. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for craft. It is therefore necessary to copy the blocks separately and paste them into your craft documents.Can i use these templates outside of craft? Indeed. As these are texts, you can copy and paste them anywhere you want to.