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Finance & Crypto Tracker

There are tons of Finance Tracker in the Notion community. However, this is not the usual finance tracker that you can find elsewhere. Of course, you will find all the important things that a finance tracker needs to have. But for sure, you will find so much more to help you take control of your finance and improve your wealth.
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Why this template?There are amazing tools and apps to manage your personal finances. However, the trackers that you find in notion have four main problems: they are usually too basic, they don't allow you to create budgets, they don't take into account your investments, and finally, you're unable to set recurrent expenses.We spent a lot of time thinking of solutions to these problems. As a result, this template is the ultimate finance tracker where you can track your finances, track your crypto (or other) investments and create budgets like a pro.Characteristics- 6 databases- Monthly analysis built-in page where you can analyze how the month went and take actionable steps throughout improvement- Possibility to add multiple accounts- Widgets that show you in real-time the price of your cryptocurrencies.- Ability to create monthly budgetsAnd so much more other features that make this template the best finance tracker in the market.