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Food Delivery Tracker

If you're a self-employed food delivery driver, you have a lot to keep track of. Mileage, earnings, taxes. If you're like me, you have bits of data scattered across a few different apps. Well, not anymore! Introducing the Delivery Tracker Notion Template!
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The delivery tracker notion template is the perfect companion to your side gig. Set your monthly goals and watch your progress as you make deliveries, earn income, and grow your side business.This template comes with built-in tracking capabilities for doordash, grubhub, and uber eats. However, it can be customized to fit your workflow regardless of what apps you use for delivery or ridesharing. The "new app" template will let you add your own apps while maintaining the functionality of the databases.Inside each app, you'll be able to enter your data in a clean, minimalist view. By switching tabs, you'll be able to analyze your data over the past week, month, year, and all time.Get a snapshot of your deliveries at a glance with the calendar and zone views. Custom formulas let you quickly see your total deliveries, deliveries per hour, total mileage, total earnings, total earnings per mileage, and total earnings per hour.New feature: track your monthly income goals, get a quick glance of your progress throughout the month, and see how much money you need to be making per trip and per week in order to hit your goals.The delivery tracker notion template is a must have for any delivery or rideshare driver. Purchase yours today and take control of your side hustle.***** What's in it for you *****Track your income goals from multiple delivery and rideshare platforms all in one placeAnalyze your earnings per hour, deliveries per hour, and earnings per mile to ensure that you're on track for meeting your goalsTrack your tax savings goals so you always know how much you should have set aside for uncle samGet better insights about all your deliveries at a glance***** What's inside the template *****One dashboard featuring four linked views with at-a-glance analysis summaries (by app, by month, by day, and by zone)An app database to keep information about your platforms. This database comes loaded with doordash, grubhub, and ubereats. More can easily be added with the "new app" item template.A month database to keep track of your monthly goals throughout the year. The database comes preloaded with every month from now to the end of 2022.A trip database to store all of your delivery trips. This database has all the properties and formulas necessary to help you analyze your performance and get the most out of your gig journey.