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Freelancer Os Compass - To-Do-List & Task Calendar Template For Notion

It is a To-Do-List & Task Management Dashboard for Freelancers who are using Notion.
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What is the freelancer compass?It is a to-do-list & task management dashboard for freelancers who are using notion. This template includes: gtd dashboard, daily to-do-list, eisenhower matrix, kanban priority board, time tracking, progress bar, daily tasks overview, priority calculation, revenue statsIt is a template for the ones who think outside the box. The ones who have the courage to follow their dreams in a chaotic world: freelancers, content creators, small businesses. We all share a similar story: we started our journey because we couldn't conform. We wanted to escape the dread of bullsh*t jobs, and dreamed of following a path that would fulfill our potential and manifest our dreams into reality. My products attempt to help you to channel your energy in the right direction, so you can find your purpose again and, in doing so, take your business to a new level with ease.Ps: you can book an onboarding call with me to learn all the functionalities of this template within 30 minutes.