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French Dashboard

Keep track of your French learning progress in a clean dashboard, complete with a flashcard system.
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Learning french requires some organization. Because there is a lot to learn. Vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, pronunciation, culture.And you also have to practice everything that you learn.And it can be pretty difficult to organize all of this information easily. So you may have different places where you do different things. What if you could combine everything into one place?What if you could also use this place to memorize your vocabulary faster?No need for several tools.Just the one.A single page, where you keep everything you need.That’s what this notion template is for.It’s your french learning dashboard 🇫🇷Where you can memorize vocabulary, practice your french, work on your pronunciation and take notes - all in the same space.And, i’ve added a couple of things to get you to speak french straight away.Here’s what you’re getting:- A single page dashboard where you can keep an eye on your progress- With a flashcard system- And 40 already-made flashcards with basic french sentences (with audio)- A journal, so you can practice your french a little everyday- And notebooks to keep your notes organized