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Growth Marketing Command Center

A complete command center for growth marketers that helps you generate new marketing experiments, prioritize your efforts, create top-quality ads, measure what works, and gain long-term insights about marketing and growth for your business.
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This is the summation of 12 months of iteration by our whole agency at crowdtamers. 1. Generate new marketing experiments2. Prioritize your efforts3. Systematically create top-quality ads4. Measure what works, and5. Gain long-term insights about marketing and growth for your business.It was designed to help new founders prioritize and run the experiments that are necessary for them to launch, scale, and succeed at their business. It's what we use to help launch 3 - 8 new startups a quarter in our agency crowdtamers.It consists of several interlinked notion tables that help you brainstorm, rank, launch, edit, report, and iterate on marketing ideas large and small, all from one simple tool. Whether you're a solopreneur who needs help systematizing a process or a marketing team that needs a tool that will help you all align and execute together, this command center will help.