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Illustration Resource Kit

A curated list of 150+ illustration resources for beginners and budding artists
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Learning illustration is difficult when you don't consume the right resources.But then looking for the right resources takes time, as you have to spend hours surfing the web.That's why i created this illustration resource kit — so that you can access 150+ of the best illustration resources, compiled over the past 3 years of my illustration career. That way, you can save time and focus on what matters:🖍️ Honing your drawing skills🖍️ Finding your illustration style🖍️ Communicating concepts well🖍️ Learning the ropes of freelancing🖍️ Drawing inspiration from others' worksSome topics you'll learn about:✅ How to master composition, figure drawing, and drawing techniques✅ How to find your illustration style✅ How famous illustrators come up with ideas and approach illustration projects✅ How to start an illustration career from scratch✅ How to deal with clients, price projects, and manage your time as a freelance illustrator✅ ...And much, much more!