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Mindful Journal

Mindful journal - a versatile multi-page template that makes the most of journaling. Carefully-crafted journal (+100 hours) with mindfulness and mental wellbeing at heart.
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Mindful journal - a versatile multi-page template that makes the most of journalingCarefully-crafted journal (+100 hours) with mindfulness and mental wellbeing at heart. Check out this video walkthroughDiary entriesHabit trackerMood trackerMood meter Mood factor analysis Mood chartDaily summary Weekly/monthly/yearly statsTime machine (on this day, gratitude journal, idea repository...)Mental health resources (cbt, depression test, healing toolbox...)What's included? A 7-page journal templateA video walkthrough and step-by-step tutorialsA blank template and a demoEmail support within 30 days of purchase (please contact using the same email as the one you used for your purchase).1. Is this template compatible with dark mode? This template is currently designed for light mode only.2. Does this template look good on mobile/tablet? I did some test to make sure it looks ok on mobile (not the best you can hope for though), but i always recommend you use it in web app and desktop app.3. Is it hard to set up this template? Do you offer support if i have trouble with it?You can find detailed instructions in the getting started section in the homepage of the template. If you have any trouble setting up or understanding how to use the template, please email me at chi@lepetit.club. Please note that i cannot solve problems with third-party integrations (form, notion2sheets). I recommend you contact the app developer for further help.