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Modern Notion Resume Template

A resume or portfolio template made for people who use Notion and want to showcase their skills and work in a beautiful way and coherent way. *If you're a student or you simply can't afford it, shoot me a message on Twitter and I'll send you the template for free, no questions asked.
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I created this notion resume template when i was looking for a job. It’s a simple, well designed and dynamic resume that you can send and update anytime. I redesigned it and tested it with friends and and some random users online to improve it.This notion resume will give you an edge, no matter the industry you work in. I got loads of compliments from recruiters and hiring managers.- Visually appealing easy to navigate information- Minimal(ish) slick design- Easy to edit and share- Create a new version and adapt it to a new job position in a click- Optimized for dark and light mode- Optimized for mobile and desktop/laptop- Perfect for both position and/or project based portfolioThis notion resume template will save you hours and get you bonus points for sure.