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Mood Journal - Monthly Overview Of Your Emotions

Keeping track of our regular day-to-day life might already be a struggle, - especially during this period of time. Checking in with our emotions and inner world is, therefore, something we tend to forget. Nonetheless, the importance of being aware of how you feel and allowing yourself to feel all your emotion is more relevant than ever.
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This mood journal helps you track your emotions based on your journal entries, and generate monthly emotional overviews so you can track your mood on a monthly basis. Become more self-aware by reflecting on how you are feeling and what you have been up to. Sometimes there might be a link between the two.This template consists of:- Journal prompts: pre-made templates for morning/evening journaling- Mood tracking (daily and monthly views)- Linked databases for easy use and navigation- Multiple views such as : calendar, special occasions and recently added- Dark & light mode