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Notion Enterprise Os

The notion-based digital ecosystem to enhance your work and business.a comprehensive company management tool designed to help your team succeed.
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Meet enterprise os!The notion-based digital ecosystem to enhance your work and business.a comprehensive company management tool designed to help your team succeed.powering a productive team means using a powerful tool. From meetings and projects to events and goal setting. Notionise offers an intuitive design to give any team the ability to set up and customize workflows for just about anything.project managementbased on business best practices & leading productivity frameworks.knowledge banka second “digital” brain to centralize all your data & see connections.align all day-to-day activities with your goals & always stay focused.team collaborationsyncs, sprints, specs, plans. Options for every type of meeting.social media publisherschedule & automate all your social media with an api powered tool.consolidate accounts & generate financial statements with ease.inventory managementtrack your inventory, deliveries & shipments. Never run out of stock.automate business tasks with downloadable api scenarios.+25 core functionstask dashboard ✔ meeting notes ✔ company profile ✔ team directory ✔ recruitment & onboarding ✔ competitor analysis dashboard ✔ canvases & pitch decks ✔ ad roi calculator ✔ content strategy ✔ financial statements ✔ invoices ✔ contact directory ✔ graphical elements ✔ automation downloads ✔ tools & resources ✔ a system with everything you needenterprise os pages are portals to more organized work – where every single part of a task can be managed, tracked, & shared with teammates. Open pages to uncover an ecosystem of notes, links, milestones, & conversations.break down big tasks into steps with file attachments, reminders, checklists and comments. Plus, gain powerful perspective by seeing all pages filtered to present only relevant actionable information. Your team can:• manage deadlines• connect work across apps• provide and track feedback• assign tasks and hand off workintegrate top work toolseasily connect the apps your team already uses into your notion workflow, or add a custom automation that helps fine-tune one specific need. With endless api possibilities available, your team’s workflow wishes are covered.frequently asked questionsis a notionise solution suitable for my business?Notion has a customer base that includes startups, museums, non-profits as well as big corporations like monzo bank uk that uses notion as a home base for their team of 1500 employees!We are certain that whatever your business is, it can be notionised.do you offer discounts?Yes, we do. If you’re managing a non-profit, send us proof and we’ll set you up with a 50% discount. For full features, team plans, custom-built worksystems & notion consultingnotionise