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Notion For Blogging Premium Template Pack

Ready to ditch your scattered content plan and get ultra-organized once and for all?
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As a blogger and creator, you're juggling a million and one tasks and filling 7 different roles. You're convinced you'll be frustrated and overwhelmed forever because:???? Your content plan is scattered across, like, 14 different apps that still don't quite meet your unique needs???? You're constantly losing track of where you stored all those brilliant blog post ideas that came to you on the fly???? You've got dozens of half-finished blog posts and content calendars gathering dust in google driveYou'd finally be able to post consistently and grow your business if you could just organize everything in one place.And i do mean everything.Blog post drafts. Content calendar. Guest post outreach tracker. Keyword research. Video and audio scripts. Vision and mission. Brand kit. Finances. Tasks.How do i know all this about you? ???? Because i've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the keychain.I built the notion blog templates for my own needs. Then i realized other people (like you!) Probably needed them just as much as i did.This notion blog dashboard was built just for you, with ❤️ by a fellow content creator. ????75+ pages and templates to simplify every element of managing your blog and brand???? Content creation hubCreate, plan, and store all your blog, social, email, youtube, and podcast content in one place.???? Content offersPlan all your campaigns, content offers, and lead magnets (pdfs, courses, ebooks), then connect them to individual tasks and posts.???? Social media dashboardSee integrated and isolated views of all your facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, and pinterest content with a unified dashboard and invididual subpages.✅ Editorial tasksCreate new tasks in one click with built-in templates, then connect them to your content and campaigns.✉️ Email hubTrack open rates, ctr, and other analytics.???? Podcast hubPlan and create your podcast content and track your guest outreach efforts.????️ Youtube hubTrack watch time, impressions, and other analytics, plus write your video scripts and store video thumbnails and files.???? Brand kitAdd your color palettes, graphics, and stock photos for inspiration.???? Finance trackerView your cash flow at a glance and track subscription renewals, hosting fees, and other expenses in one click with built-in templates.???? Goals & progressSet granular goals for your blog, social media, youtube, podcast, and email content — planning and review questions included!???? Vision & missionFlesh out your buyer/reader personas, outline your vision and mission, and create a solid strategy.☑️ Recurring tasksList an overview of all the tasks you must complete each day, week, month, and quarter.Free bonus!???? The content repository templateA digital library complete with 35+ resources on managing your blog, podcast, youtube channel, social media accounts, and more!Separate template bundles available!