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Notion Lean Startup

A lean startup system for project management
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Turn your ideas into profitable products fast with this lean startup system. Be a perfectionist no more!"Shiny object syndrome" and perfectionism are the greatest enemy of productivity. This notion template system is for startups and people who have "shiny object syndrome" or perfectionism. It helps startups turn their ideas into profitable products faster by using the lean startup methodology.The lean startup methodology used by many successful entrepreneurs is mainly three steps: building your mvp(minimum viable product), launching your product, and iterating based on your customers' feedback. This methodology is better than perfecting something your customer may not want. Our system implements many prioritization techniques such as moscow and timeboxing to help you achieve your goal. And with our built-in marketing analysis tool, you will build a great product by knowing your customers better!You will get:📊 Business goal setting system📈 Market analysis and idea validation system💰 Project management system📱 User stories prioritization system🖥 Tasks planning with smart task feature.🗣 Track your marketing routines🚀 Launching checklist💰 Track your revenueGet it🔥