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Notion Minimal Project Manager

Sometimes, you just need a simple, straightforward dashboard to track projects and associated tasks.
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Sometimes, you just need a simple, straightforward dashboard to track and associated . If this is you, click "i want this!" Asap, this template is free!This all-on-one template that includes all of the pages and databases you need to track projects and tasks. This template is also based on a larger system - manifest os - a minimalist productivity system to help build positive habits, minimize stress, and keep you organized. You can pre-order manifest os here!How it workssection 1: projectsMeant to give you a minimalist overview of active projects, this is the most active area of the dashboard.Open a project to see tasks in a kanban view, as well as filtered views of pages and notes related to this projectSection 2:tasksHere, you'll find a series of toggle views, each set to a filtered view of your tasks, including:1. Inbox2. Up next:3. Active4. OverdueUse these toggles to quickly get a curated list of tasks, in order to avoid the "endless task-list mental breakdown."Section 3: databasesThe original databases for your projects and tasks are housed here, to avoid altering the original databases. As your dashboard grows, you can also add important databases in this section. Interested in testing out the free version of manifest? Get it for free here!Https://gumroad.com/l/drycas to stay up to date on manifest tutorials, videos, and blog posts, subscribe to the newsletter.https://manifest.substack.com/lastly, subscribe to the manifest channel on youtube to see new tutorials, walkthroughs, and productivity tips!Https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucmcbu8ktrmr8mxlfundfalw