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Notion (Nano Gauntlet) "Transparent" Item Covers

This pack of covers are intended for anyone wanting to "spice up" their Notion Dashboard. They are aesthetic covers, with a "transparent" look for use on gallery and board views, on calendar databases, tasks and PKM systems. The pack also have a collection of colorful dividers and a exclusive "sections" which you can use to create the appearance of sections on a Agenda or Notebook.
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A few days ago i was looking at my notion dashboard, and thinking how amazing notion is. You can do so much with this tool. So i've take it a screenshot of my workspace and published on my social networks.Well, the post on reddit inside notion's subreddit has now almost 700 upvotes! I honestly did not expect all this reaction, and a lot of people manifested interest not only in a template of the workspace, but also on the covers, so i've decided to take sometime and compile this package.I've created this covers to spice up my workspace, with images that have the appearance of real notes, with pins and paper clips. Also calendar items with the appearance of real calendars and i gotta say i'm pretty happy with the result.There are three available options: free, default and proThe free options is composed by the basic covers, the notion dividers and notion sections totalizing 25 images. The notion dividers are small colorful lines, you can use to spice up your workspace in notion. The notion sections are a group of images using notion default colors that you can use combined with text (with background filled) to create and appearance of sections on a notebookThe default option contains 35 images, with all the pkm covers, actions and notes covers, plus the notion dividers and notion sectionsAnd the pro option contains all the above, plus the calendar covers totalizing 132 images