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Notion Product Design Portfolio Template Pack

Setting up and maintaining a design portfolio takes way too long! Don't want to deal with the technical overhead of setting up an entire website for your portfolio and case studies? You could make a static PDF, but why do either when you can have both with one-click!
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Our notion product designer portfolio template pack is based off of 100s of designerup students taught and insights gathered from top design recruiters and successful design hires from facebook, amazon, uber, twitter, apple, google, linkedin and dropbox.Just one-click will copy all of these templates to your notion workspace so you can just fill in your information!4 different portfolio and case study formats including prompts and outlines are provided for you that illustrate best practices for setting up a case study that attracts recruiters and clients to your work. These templates include:4 unique portfolio homepage templates with bios4 unique case study templates 2 unique resume templatesYou can even embed live prototypes and then easily export the pages as html (to create a website) or as a pdf (to send off with your job applications).Want a custom domain for your portfolio? Our friends at potion.so have got you covered! With potion you can customize your domain name, add custom styles and seo-optimize your portfolio.Creating a portfolio has never been this easy! Get it now!*Note: to students in our designerup master course program these templates are already included as part of your enrollment!