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Notion Templates For Product Designers

Got survey's, interviews, personas and color palettes all over the place? Save so much time and confusion when organizing UI/UX research and design projects with Notion!
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This set of templates includes everything a ui/ux or product designer needs to conduct research, reference ui best practices and create a business plan and product roadmap. This notion template set includes the following:Inspiration and ideation template - save your ideas, scribbles, mood boards and thoughts about the product you are creating.User research and design - pre-made templates to help you conduct and manage user surveys and interviews.Information architecture - create your site inventory, sitemaps, user flows and taxonomyVisual and user interface design - save your color palettes, typography and imagery and even embed interactive prototypes!Business and product roadmap - create your competitive analysis, lean canvas and business plan.Marketing - plan how you will get your product into the world and create your content and editorial calendarAlready setup for you with examples and prompts so you can 1-click, plug and play!Reviews"I'm an avid user of notion! So happy to have a template available! ????" - melody j. "Love notion so much now! Bye millions of different google docs i have categorized by folder!" - molly de a."Thank you, notion is addicting getting the hang of it, organize and porting my endless streams of printouts and notebooks." - rob g."It's love at first sight! Notion is great!" - nantia k."I switched from trello to notion with these templates!" - sonja b.It looks really good and easy to work with. - alysson s. Thanks, this is much better then trello! - manuel m.Get yourself organized and share with your team now!*Note: to students in our designerup course these templates are already included as part of your enrollment!