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Notion Work Space

Use multiple relational databases to be more productive on your work and free time for yourself to do what you want.
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How it works:- Use the properties and templates in the tasks, projects, and meetings databases to store information, check progress and prepare for work-related tasks- Use the ressources and team databases to be able to quickly access the information you need while working- View your most important information of the day, the week, and more with linked databases views in your dashboard- Use your free time to do something you always wanted to doWhat's inside:- ✅ Tasks database with customised views, relation properties, status properties, and more- 🎯 Project database with customised views, relation properties and more- ☎️ Meeting database with customised views and special meeting template, and more- 📄 Resource database with projects relation properties, views, and more- 🌳 Team database displaying colleagues’ information, relation properties, and more- 🔖 In-depth usage guide- 📜 Dashboard with important information and special linked databases views