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Organize Your Semester

Tired of how effortful organizing your time and courses is? This Notion template helps guide your studying, schedule, assignments, and everything relevant to your semester.
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"How can i organize my semester in a way that is fun and simple?"With this notion template, you could do that and more! Some of the tasks include:- Constantly notified of your upcoming assignments, quizzes, and exams- Planning out your daily, weekly, and monthly studying routine- Strengthening your subject weaknesses- Be fully aware of how specific courses are graded (+ calculate them)- And many more!The 3 main sections of this notion template include:1. Courses: organize your lecture notes, calculate your grades, and identify your subject weaknesses2. Schedules: create daily and monthly study routines to achieve your academic goals + recurring notifications of upcoming exams and assignments3. Goals and notes: a whole space for you to write your goals in whatever endeavor you're pursuing in your current semester