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Personal Growth Planner

Now is the time to embrace your own personal growth to live better and take the right decisions that are aligned with what you want in life. I created this planner to foster growth and change in your personal life as it did in mine.
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You will benefit from this template if:You are curious about how to kickstart your self-development processYou are motivated to become more self-aware and get to know yourself betterYou are interested in investing in yourself and want to live more aligned with your inner purposeYou are attracted to the idea about keeping a journal but often don't know how to write deep reflective entriesWhat is included:This personal growth planner encourages you to organize your self-development process in one place. Stimulate growth and self-awareness by diving deeply into your own mental space and world of thoughts.A self-reflection journal with 250+ questionsAn automated ikigai database that will help you find your ikigaiAn emotion toolboxTips and tricks to motivate your growthTo-do-list for specific moodsInspiring insights about love and relationshipsWhat are people saying?:"I’ve started using this yesterday to help with my personal growth. I love it so much already." Singyi on aug 30, 2021