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Quicklog - Time Tracking In Notion

QuickLog allows you to track events in Notion from an iOS/mac shortcut without needing to open Notion!
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Benefits:- Track events and activities without needing to open notion- View time elapsed since an activity began- See all your events in multiple ways in the supplied notion databaseUse cases:- Personal habit tracker - get an overview of what you've worked on and when- Medication tracker - quickly see how long since your last dose and what you took when - Project/client tracker - figure out your billable hours- Baby tracker - how long is your baby sleeping? When did they last feed or poop?- Anything else you can think ofYou can install multiple versions of the shortcut and database to track different things in different places.How it works:- Run the shortcut to start an activity- Run it again to view elapsed time since the activity was started and/or end the activity.You can also jump into the notion database, or the activity you started, directly from the shortcut menu.