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QuickShop is the most efficient and stress-free way to manage your grocery shop.
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Quickshop is a simple and effective way to manage your grocery shopping.It's based on a simple principle - make shopping quick and easy.A master list of over 250 common items categorized by store section is your starting point. Simply search for what you want and check the box to add it to the list.If what you want isn't in the list, you'll add it and it will be there next time.Creating a grocery list is then just a case of browsing your previously purchased items and selecting those you need to replenish.Share the list with your household and anybody can add to it at any time. No duplicates on the list as you're always selecting from the master list.When it's time to shop, switch to "shop" view and see the items grouped by store section. No more zig-zagging back and forth looking for what you need.