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Seo Compass

SEO Compass is a new template for Notion that is helping you to optimize your content and keywords for search engines like Google.
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Seo compass is a new template for notion that is helping you to optimize your content and keywords for search engines like google.Notion is great for writing and planning content but until now doing seo was a nuisance inside of notion.However, seo is something inevitable if you want to create evergreen content that is going to attract tons of readers, fans, and paying customers in the long term.But from now on, seo compass is combining the productivity explosion you get with notion with the power of seo. In fact, this template is doing what yoast & rank math do for wordpress: it checks your content for a number of important seo parameters like:Number of wordsKeyword densityKeyword in titleTitle lengthMeta description & title lengthFlesh-reading-ease-scoreAnd many more.Finally, it provides you with a seo 1-100 score, so that you can always see, how well your content is optimized.Moreover, seo compass is giving you suggestions about how to improve your content, so that you increase the likelihood of ranking high on google and attract more customersGrab your template now: optimize your content, and soon profit from a surge in traffic!Ps: there is a 7 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Question: why did i create this template? My name is philipp stelzel: i am an online marketing consultant from vienna and already working in seo for almost 8 years. Notion was love at first sight and i soon organized my content-production workflows inside of this amazing productivity tool. However, it was always hard to do proper seo in notion. But after experimenting with some formulas, i realized that notion can actually be used for doing powerful seo analyses. So far, nobody had bothered to create a suitable template. For this reason, i decided to create it.