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Smart Notes

Smart notes helps you take notes to collect knowledge and keep it at the front of your mind.
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Taking notes isn't just for students.“The most important advantage of writing is that it helps us confront ourselves when we do not understand something as well as we would like to believe.” — sönke ahrens, how to take smart notessmart notes helps you take notes to collect knowledge and keep it at the front of your mind. Whether you're a university student, a knowledge worker, or a life-long learner, smart notes will help you on your journey. A simple spaced repetition system is built into smart notes to help cement your knowledge. When you take notes, it's essential to review them regularly to keep the details sharp.What's inside?✓ 1 free, easy-to-use notion page✓ Template walkthrough & explanation✓ Notes database✓ 4 effective note-taking templates✓ Automated note review system✓ Subjects & subject template✓ Note review databaseCan i share this template? Even though this template is free, i would appreciate it if you would send the gumroad link to anyone you would like to share.How do i duplicate this template? After your download is complete, open the pdf for the link to open the template. With the template open, press the "duplicate" button in the top right corner of the notion page. The template will appear in your "private" pages in your notion sidebar. You can leave the template there or move it into another page or workspace like any other notion page.If you like the template, i would love it if you could:follow me on twitterrate the product on gumroadshare the link with a friend or coworkerdo you have a question for me? A great idea for a template? Dm me on twitter (@jackhentosh), and let's make it happen!