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Smart Portfolio

The superior portfolio template crafted for modern work. Share your best work and achievements with this easy-to-set-up, interactive portfolio template.
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The superior portfolio template crafted for modern work.How do you make a strong first impression with your portfolio or resume?The average time a recruiter spends on their initial screening of a resume is 6-8 seconds. That doesn't leave you much time to impress them! By using a visually striking template like smart portfolio, you'll make a strong, positive impression. No matter your line of work, smart portfolio puts your best foot forward.I've included reference material directly in the template to show you how to get the most out of your portfolio/resume. Feel free to abuse this template and make it your own; it is portfolio, after all.Share your best work and achievements with this easy-to-set-up, interactive portfolio template.What's inside?✓ 1 free, easy-to-use notion portfolio✓ template walkthrough & explanation✓ personal profile✓ skills & attributes✓ experience✓ education✓ interactive projects✓ call-to-action section Can i share this template?Even though this template is free, i would appreciate it if you would send the gumroad link to anyone you would like to share.how do i duplicate this template?How to duplicate a notion templateAfter your download is complete, open the pdf for the link to open the template. With the template open, press the "duplicate" button in the top right corner of the notion page. The template will appear in your "private" pages in your notion sidebar. You can leave the template there or move it into another page or workspace like any other notion page.If you like the template...I would love if you would:follow me on twitterrate this product on gumroad (and check out some of my other templates!Consider subscribing to my substack to get my best insights on creativity, productivity, and being effective in any situation.do you have a question for me? A great idea for a template? Dm me on twitter and let's make it happen!