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Social Media Ads Planner

The Tracker You Need to Plan & Scale Profitable Ad Campaigns
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Never lose another dollar on your ad campaigns due to lack of insights.Use notionchefs social media ad planner to plan, track and analyze profitable social media ad campaigns for you and your business.Features of social media ad planner:1) plan your social media ad campaigns right within notion - create audiences, add your products & complete all your brainstorming in one place.2) collaborate with your creative design team & your team of copywriters to get your ads done on time for publish.3) easily update your performance metrics across all platforms & see how your ads are performing across platforms.4) analyze and discover which ads are working for you and which ones aren't, identify the best performing ones & put them into scaling mode to multiply your sales.Supports all the top ad platforms you love:👍 Facebook / instagram📹 Youtube#️⃣ TwitterPerformance metrics that you can track with social media ads planner:📅 Campaign date (start date & end date of campaign)🎯 Campaign objective (awareness, consideration, conversion)💰 Amount spent👁️ Impressions🧭 Cost per impression🔗 Link clicks📈 Click-through rateWhat’s inside:1. Social media ads planner2. Instructions to set up it3. Option to schedule a call with us to setup the planner for youGet your copy of social media ads planner today & manage your social media ad campaigns like a pro!