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Social Media Dashboard Bundle | Notion For Blogging

A robust social media content planning template in Notion.
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Plan, create, and organize all your social media content in one placeThe social media dashboard notion template pack comes complete with templates and subpages for the most popular social media platforms: facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin.Each social media hub includes: A robust, fully customizable content calendarSocial media ad expense trackingPost templates to simplify content creationAlso included is a resource repository with information on social media algorithms, best posting times, and even courses to help you bring your social media a-game.The social media dashboard features an embed of the content creation hub database, which has different filtered views so you can see all your content in context.Grab the social media dashboard notion template bundle today to stay on track with your social media efforts and delight your audience with relevant, shareable content.Templates includedSocial media dashboard homepageFacebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin hubsContent creation hub database with 5 built-in templates for facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, and linkedinAd expense trackerA content repository (digital library template) with 35+ invaluable courses and articles on posting times, algorithms, and content strategies to help you grow your brand.Got questions or suggestions? Hit me up at hello@melleesmith.com.Customized dashboards are temporarily unavailable.Refund policyDue to the nature of the product, i am unable to issue refunds. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at hello@melleesmith.com.