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Startup School Os - Notion Template

A Notion template to organize, manage and keep the progress of the Startup School program, all with time-saving automations.
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If you’re an aspiring founder, startup operator, or looking to deep dive into the startup world… yc startupschool.org is the best place for you to learn.Because of this, on bardeen we're launching this notion template to help you make the best out of the program! 🚀The ⚡startup school os is a supercharged notion operating system to organize and automate your startup school experience.This template allows you to organize, manage and keep the progress of the program, all with time-saving automations... So you can actually focus on building your startup. 😉What can i do with it?✔️ Create to-dos for yourself or your team🗒️ Take notes and access all startup school events📅 Log and take notes for your meetings👥 Log new contacts🔖 Save the best content from the program🪜 Write weekly updates, or scrape them from yc🐦 Build in public by posting tweets from notionAnd best of all… you’ll automate your manual workflows with bardeen’s automations⚡You'll have access to:⚡ Powerful automation to optimize every part of the workspace💽 Pre-built databases to run automations seamlessly🧑‍🏫 Tutorials on how to scrape y combinator ‘s websiteGet the notion template for free, and start saving time, so you actually focus on the important stuff…building your startup😉🚀