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T H R I V E - Meaningful Productivity On Steroids!

This notion template organizes your ambitions into meaningful milestones that aligns with your values and principles in life. This is the system that would make your Vision a Reality!
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Is your todo list always overflowing?Are you constantly reminded of an urgent task before finding time to do anything that's important to you?Do you lose track of time while watching hours and hours of anime and fantasy shows trying to escape life's reality only to be bombarded with it when your kids come home? Ahem... may be it's just me…..Nevertheless, i have created something that would help me or anyone trying to grab everything into place and focus on what matters the most and what is more important to you in your life. Meet your new companion:**T h r i v e - meaningful productivity on steroids**This notion template organizes your ambitions into meaningful milestones that aligns with your values and principles in life. And it does not stop there. This action based productivity system makes you split your milestones into different projects and lets you convert them into everyday habits and actions/tasks that you could put up right into your calendar.The one feature that i am most excited about is the time-blocking page, where you could time-box every day actions and habits associated with your goals in an increment of one hour schedule.And it does not stop with that. This tool will also show you the progress made so far on your most important goals and how far along the milestone to make your vision a reality!These are all the pages the template comes with:1. Distraction-free **focus dashboard** that does not include any widgets!2. A **navigation side-bar** that is easy to navigate among many pages that you would use to keep track of your goals.3. **Vision page** where you can create your vision board and assign milestones that are in alignment with your values and principles in life.4. **Journaling dashboard** with everyday tracker. Journal your thoughts and ideas about your project while creating action items and assigning it to your weekly time blocker. Or use the page to do interstitial journaling while you are working on different tasks. Journal about your morning routine or evening routine. Maintain a a gratitude journal! The options are endless!5. **Milestones page** that keeps track of your projects and their progress. It makes sure you create milestone goals that are aligned with your values and your ultimate vision in your life!6. **Projects** **page** that keeps track of your projects and progress on the actionable items.7. **Actions page** that keeps track of your bite-sized smart tasks that can be added straight to your time block scheduler.8. **Habits page** that keeps track of all the habits that you need to build or break in your everyday life.when you create a long-term vision or a short-term actionable goal, you may need to inculcate a set of habits in your everyday life, for eg. Start doing hiit for 30 minutes or develop a new skill, etc.. Create and check those habits during your morning and evening journal time!9. **Weekly time blocking** page displays a list of time for each day of the week. Generate one for each week. You can also find the list of your past weeks in the archive.10. **Roadblocks & ideas** for resolution of the issues. Any issues or obstacles that stops you from finishing your daily task or action item will get a place in this page. This enables you to keep track of all the issues you faced and solved and will be helpful to refer to in the future!11. **Areas of life and roles/identities** taken is a very interesting page that links your vision & values to the identities and responsibilities you would take to manifest your vision to reality.12. **Values/principles** guiding your life. When the goals you set work with the guiding principles in your life, it sets your life compass to point to the true north!13. **Skill base** page that contains knowledge base of your skills/learnings that are required for your projects and tasks and your favourite quotes to motivate you throughout the year!14. **Reward shop** page! Hey, what are goals with out any rewards?!Created with the power of notion’s databases, this template could very well be the only productivity tool you would ever need!I have been using this for over a year and have been constantly improving it based on my needs and the needs of my fellow productivity enthusiasts. And i am not done yet. This will grow over the period of next year and will get cranked up with more release updates.And, thanks for supporting me by buying this template from me! You're awesome!