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The Notion Bird's Eye View Dashboard

The perfect all-in-one central hub for managing projects, clients, and everyday tasks.
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In the notion bev dashboard, each section is filtered by type from a master task list, featuring client interaction tasks, personal admin tasks, meetings, and quick tasks. Client tasks can be changed to feature any task that someone depends on you for, like coworkers, contractors, kids, and more. Use the quick add feature on the right to quickly make a list of your to-dos each day then sort them later to assess if each task involves client work, a meeting, in-house admin, or if it’s simply a quick task to easily check off. The quick links section provides sample pages that you may need to refer to frequently and the ideas section is perfect for those little nuggets of genius that could be the next big thing if you only had someplace to jot it down!✓ Prioritize tasks by type✓ Visually balance your to-do list to maximize productivity✓ Know exactly what areas need your attention most✓ View upcoming meetings & easily recap meeting notes✓ Never forget those pesky admin tasksFeatured task lists & templates:→ Client work→ Admin tasks→ Meetings→ Quick tasks✷ Bonus sections for ideas & quick link navigation ✷