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The Personal Os

Use this 7-part video course to boost output the right way without spending thousands of dollars.
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Use this 7-part video course to boost output the right way without spending thousands of dollars. The notion template for the ultimate personal operating system is included in this 7-part video course.If you are looking for a quick hack, looking for guarantees, or looking for something that will magically 10x your productivity, this is not for youInstead, if you're looking to: improve 1% every day for the next years, take actionable steps to get things up and running, and be proactive to make sure you're making progress; keep reading.Let's begin.to understand productivity and output, you have to understand what goes into a productive life. When it comes to boosting your productivity, there are 3 essential steps: learn from the past (reflection, recapping, reviewing) construct a plan that you can stick by (plan, organize) have a system that supports your actions (execute)What this system has done for me:✅ Consolidate 4 tools with an avg cost of $10 a month into one low price tool because i switched over to notion.✅ The backbone of the os system in notion is 8 years old and helped me to build three business (sold 2), and the current one did 500k in rev in 2020.I designed this course to be ultra-short but actionable on top of being simply informational. Above, you see the entire course curriculum, filled with 25+ minutes of actionable information to give you a head start with the ultimate personal operating system in notion.here's exactly what's included in this course:>> Course videos:✅ 7 in-depth explainer videos✅ 25+ minutes of actionable watch time✅ Tips and trick on how i use the personal os>> Reflecting & planning:✅ The ultimate monthly recap (extended version)✅ The ultimate monthly recap (tl: dr version)✅ The ultimate weekly recap (extended version)✅ The ultimate weekly recap (tl: dr version)>> Execute:✅ The weekly task manager✅ The task backlog✅ The task archive>> Systems:✅ Plan and review your month✅ Plan and review your week(s) accordingly✅ Track your weekly tasks✅ Archive old weeks and tasks✅ Create a backlog of future tasks✅ Do everything in one windowBut the best part about the entire thing is that you will make the entire system your own over time. That's the beauty of it. You are not constrained. Use and abuse the system to 10x your life and make it even better. This course is for:✅ People who want to maximize their output✅ People who want to stay organized✅ People who want to do it all using notion✅ People who want to work on a single dashboard in notion✅ Notion beginners, professionals and addicts