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The Ultimate Python Guide - Notion System

Theory, videos, cheat sheets, and examples to help you master the Python programming language, with the simplicity of Notion.
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Programming can seem confusing at first, i get it. I too had struggles when i first learned it. And i have seen the same struggles over and over in the dozens of people i have personally tutored. This is why i have put all my effort and experience into this comprehensive guide, to help you minimize those struggles, and finally learn and get used to the python language.You will find all the topics to become comfortable in python, plus various additional resources to help you code better and take the next step.- A series of modules covering the fundamental python concepts, such as variables, flow control, functions, data structures, and more.- A series of modules aimed at helping you code better and more efficiently. This includes cheat sheets about different topics, content to help you fix common errors.- Videos, step-by-step examples, and tips and tricks.- And more! The guide will be constantly updated and more content will be added! (Python projects for beginners, intermediate tutorials, and more coming soon)