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The Ultimate Twitter Content Strategy Planner | For Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And Content Creators

With this template, Twitter planning can be easy. This content planner touches on every major aspect of a successful Twitter content strategy from finding your buyer personas to a character limit checker with queue integration. The Ultimate Twitter Content Planner will keep you more organized, on schedule, and provide a more efficient strategy planning experience.
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If you...-Have trouble creating consistent content-Have so many tweet ideas but don't know where to put it all and don't know where to start-Don't have a written twitter strategy - Want to use twitter to it's full potential but doesn't know how -And is tired of scheduling tweets one by one *Then this template is made specifically for you!*A note from the creator: i created this twitter content planner over the span of a few weeks. I was not satisfied with the current options such as trello, so that is how i started tinkering with this template. After a lot of trial and error and research, i was able to create a content planner that fit all my needs. I now use this for my twitter content strategy for my brand + social media strategy agency, boundless studios. It saves me so much time, its way more efficient that writing tweets in word, and scheduling it later, and i feel more confident in who my audience is and how to best talk to them after using the worksheets i made myself. Of course i am a bit biased, but i 100% recommend this strategy planner. If you are looking to spend less time figuring out how you're going to plan less content, this is for you. - Naomi olutayo💥 Strategically plan your content all in one place💥 Create a potent twitter presence online💥 Schedule all your content with queue.so Some statistics to wow you (if you are still a bit not convinced you should be using twitter as a marketing strategy):Twitter has 192 million monetizable daily active us (twitter global impact report 2020)41% of twitter users earn $75,000+ per year (statista)79% of twitter users follow brands (twitter agency playbook)Twitter users are around 1.5x more likely to be the first to buy new products (twitter agency playbook)Twitter users spend 2x more time looking at launch ads compared to other platformsTwitter is the perfect place for brands to grow and monetize their audience, gain brand awareness, and reach a large variety of users. Sounds good, but it isn't always so easy. I bet you have sat down at your phone and had no idea what to post. That's why i created this template. In this template i will walk you through the process of planning, creating and scheduling your content. ✨Create viral worthy tweets and threads with confidence and ease ✨✨Schedule tweets directly from your notion setup (with queue)✨✨View all your tweets at an eye's glance ✨✨Have all your tweets in one easy to access place✨What’s included in your template:-X2 360 twitter brand strategy worksheets-Tweet planner -Daily twitter topic planner -A resource list that will teach you the skills to become a better twitter content creator-7 day week content planning layout-Analytics tracker (new)-Word counter- just like writing in twitter (queue integration)-Set goals and make a tangible plan to get there with our goal creator template with our goals template -Unlimited supportAre you ready to plan better twitter content? Click the 'i want this' button to claim your own!