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Trading Hub Os

A Notion operating system created with one objective in mind:to simplify the complex hassle and nature of tracking trades and optimizing your trading performance all in one connected hubProfessional traders use a trading journal to reflect upon previous and prospective trades.
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Why did i create this ?I started my trading journal back in 2019 and over the years i could say i've gained quite the knowledge and experience from my wins and of course the lessons from my losses.Alot of those lessons include tracking what you do daily in order to improve your trading style or change it all together. I always had to look up youtube and other expert advice opinions to find a software that could journal and track certain metrics i wanted for further review and assessment.Until i decided no more. I sat out to create the most comprehensive trading journal and tracking system to keep tabs on my improvements and further improvements to be made. I've spent so much time ,energy and expertise working on this system and there's more to come !What you'll get:A display of your initial and current portfolioAn advanced weekly trade logbook journalA deposit and withdrawal database with multiple accountsLive crypto/forex pricesA trading plan formulating database systemA backtesting system database templateA monthly trade tracking and forecasting systemA trading goals trackerMissed trades journal trackerFree life time updates