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Use Twitter Meaningfully: Build In Public Prompts & Tactics

Start building your personal voice and growing your audience. 30 #buildinpublic writing prompts; 20 twitter audience building tactics and more.
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Want to build in public to grow an audience but not sure where to start?Most builders do not know what to tweet about and how to engage with people on twitter to make the most out of the #buildinpublic strategy. Why i created this packas the author of the building in public definitive guide and the founder of a building in public course and community (links at the bottom), i've helped 5,000+ entrepreneurs kick start their authentic and transparent journey.over time, i come to notice i've been repeating myself and there is a framework to help people early in their journey get started. I began to put together a library of ways to write genuinely and interact with others meaningfully on twitter. What you get✅ a notion template ✅ 30 #buildinpublic writing prompts ✅ 20 twitter audience building tactics✅ each prompt and tactic comes with a real-life tweet example to show you how it's done✅ 2 kanban boards to help you take action✅ future updates to this action pack ✅ start building your personal voice and growing your audience take a look inside1. A simple dashboard to access prompts and tactics2. A table or gallery view to view them3. A description and questions to guide you to reflect4. 2 kanban boards to help you implement these prompts & tactics. Go through all of them to grow with your authentic #buildinpublic voice⭐ What are people saying? Why learn from kevon- my guide has helped 5,000+ entrepreneurs- my courses and community have a total of 700+ students and members- i don't believe in hacks. All my work has been around being authentic, implementing the right tactics, and growing sustainably check out my other work- building in public definitive guide (free): https://publiclab.co/building-in-public- making twitter friends email course (free): https://www.makingtwitterfriends.com/- public lab courses & community: https://publiclab.co/ pricing ✅ sold: 20 copies at $9✅ sold: 20 copies at $12✅ sold: 20 copies at $15✅ sold: 20 copies at $18 (total 80+ copies sold) currently at $18 money-back guaranteeif this action pack doesn't work out for you, just reply to the download email within 30 days and i'll give you a full refund. I want to make sure you're spending money on things that make an impact on your journey.thanks for checking this out!Find me on twitter: https://twitter.com/meetkevon