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Watch List Hub

Track and organize your films and tv shows in this system built-in Notion.It was time for me and every other cinephile out there to have a place of honor in Notion for all the movies and tv shows we loved so much.It's the perfect space to organize what you want to see and remember everything you’ve watched.No more running out of ideas on what to watch during movie nights!Add movies and tv shows in the easiest and fastest way possible to your Watch List Hub databases with Save To Notion browser extension.
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A complete tracker for movies and tv shows.What’s included in watch list hub:👀 Main page with the information you need to choose what to watch next at a glance🎬 Movies database📺 Tv shows database📃 Genres database with 17 different genres with a unique cover each📃 Platforms database with 9 different streaming services with a unique cover each🌟 Actors database🌟 Directors database📊 Statistics database with your personal numbers and time💡 Bonus list page (find it 😉)📽️ 3 tutorial videos + 2 video examples to show how to add properly any items in your database with the free browser extension save to notion❗1 tutorial is on the media of this page, check it out to see how easy is to add a new film!🔳 Minimal “retro” black & white version available