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World Builder Bible

A Notion Template for creating a World Building Bible for your story, fictional world, or campaign.
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Do you want to create a world for your story, fictional world, or campaign?The world building bible is an easy-to-use template that will help you organize all the information about your world, all in notion! It’s perfect for writers who need to keep track of their characters and settings in one place. You can even use it as a reference guide when writing! With this simple tool, you'll be able to build the foundation of your creative work with confidence.If you're looking for a way to make sure everything fits together seamlessly and makes sense, then this notion template is exactly what you need. It's also great if you're just starting out on your first novel or screenplay and don't know where to begin.Get started building worlds like never before with this world building bible today!Components• 7 interconnected databases for not just characters and events, but more things like your world's countries, cities, governments, landscape, cults, religions, sports, language, animals, plants, historical figures, and so much more.• 4 pre-made dashboards organized for different workflows to help build your world.• Instructions on how to upgrade storyflint's fictional story timeline into a world building bible.